Pricing Information

Flat Rate

Rand Associates LLC operates a flat rate pricing system based on hours of training including up to 25 participants. Most training topics are designed with a three (3) hours completion time.

Additional Participants

Additional participants only $25 pp/per workshop .

Course Fee

The training fee for a three (3) hour course is $1195.00.

Learning Series

Seminar/Courses which can be bundled together to include (3) three or more training topics will qualify for a learning series discount of twenty percent.

Block Delivery

Each individual topic can be delivered as 90-minute sessions. Additional travel cost may apply.

Travel Cost

Travel costs are included within a 55-mile radius of Mobile, Alabama with a one-day delivery of services. All travel cost beyond 55 miles will be billed at actual transportation and boarding cost plus a $55 daily per diem not including training days.


All workshops include copies of the class presentation and depending on the topic will also include an interactive worksheet(s). Some training may also require pre-class work.

Invoicing and Payments

Rand Associates LLC will invoice the day of confirmed scheduling with the day of training as the due date. Prior arrangements must be made if your companies account payables policies have additional requirements. Our invoice system can email to the POC on record with a secure payment link or check request.

Cancellation Policy

Rand Associate LLC has a no refund policy if services were provided, or travel expenses were executed for training.  If training was not provided, then payment received minus any prearranged expenses will be refunded. In the event training is reschedule and additional travel fees incur due to date changes than Rand Associates LLC will invoice for additional cost unless Rand Associate LLC required the schedule change.